benefits of juicing


 Americans eat way too much fat, way too much sugar, and way too much protein. In fact, Americans simply eat too much of everything. The way out of this dilemma is so easy that we usually miss it: An occasional detoxification to give your digestive system a cleansing and a break.Look, nothing succeeds like success. We could spend all day talking about the value of detoxification, but only you can find out for yourself what it can do for you. Experience is your best teacher, and improved health is always the best proof. By completing a daily juice detox, you are taking steps to improve your overall well-bein 

 When we say "juice", we are generally referring to vegetable and fruit juices, freshly prepared. You cannot buy freshly prepared vegetable juice in any store at any price... unless they literally juice the vegetables right in front of your eyes and you drink it down before they make you pay for it! Any juice in a carton, can, or bottle has been heat treated and was certainly packaged at least a few days ago. Even frozen juice is not fresh, then, is it? This means that the only way to know you are getting fresh cold-pressed unpasteurized juice is to purchase it from Fresh Vibes.Most of the processed foods eaten in today's society produces an acid ash in our systems. The alkalizing foods, such as greens, veggies and the non-sweet fruits, certain grains and nuts, and other whole, natural foods, are often not as prevalent in our diets as is necessary. Since we are over 70% water, our internal fluids need to be kept pH neutral just as any backyard swimming pool. Our miraculous bodies are at work constantly to keep our internal world neutrally balanced, but when more acids accumulate in our body than our natural elimination systems can discharge, we start to become too acidic, and the immune system declines. Eventually our cells are drowning in acid wastes, our system begins to slow down and we literally begin to slowly decay from the inside out. We begin to have overgrown amounts of yeasts and fungi, and as they devour the excess sugars and acids, we enter the initial stages of deterioration. We get ill and have low energy. We have aches and pains, don't sleep well, can't focus, and have poor memory and arthritis. Our immune system by this time has become greatly weakened and our body shows signs of imbalance. Fortunately, it is reversible, simply by changing your pH from acid to alkaline-balanced through fasting and adjusting to healthier foods.